Hand Crafted (to last) with Purpose

LOPCOK’s purpose is to preserve and refine the storied craft of Indian hand embroidery. In doing so, we strive to enrich the livelihood by adopting fair trade practices and ensuring safe working conditions. We strive to produce the finest hand crafted accessories using responsible and ethical methods. We believe the Earth is sacred and will implement responsible methods to preserve and protect the environment. Altruistic endeavors are at the forefront of our mission and we continue to commit a portion of our profits to charitable causes. We aim to contribute to a better world while safeguarding the cultural heritage of Indian embroidery.


Preservation of Craft and Culture

There is a rich history behind the craftsmanship of the LOPCOK collection. Every stitch is a homage to cultural and artistic heritage. Our Artisans use embroidery techniques going back several centuries, handed down from one generation to the next. All LOPCOK jewelry is handmade, ensuring the continuity and refinement of a storied craft.


Beyond a Fair Wage

Our Artisans are valued and compensated for their skills. We ensure workers are paid above standard wages and invest in their well being. Health care is provided, education is sponsored, retirement benefits are afforded and housing is arranged when necessary. Our goal is to make LOPCOK a great organization in which to work and grow—this mission begins with a worker-first focus.